Sunday, July 12, 2009


Well Well Well!! Looks who has a blog now, the one and only me!!! Allow me to introduce myself my name is HOV!!! H to the O V jk jk jk on a more serious note, My name is andy, some of you may know me as luis, or luis andy or cutie or the cute guy with the dimples and nice hair, jk jk once gain. Recently my significant other aka Michelle my GF got into this blogging business. All she would talk about her make up blog. { WhyTheBlush } It was make up this make up that help mr with this, what do you think about my blog etc. She's really committed to her blog and it takes up most of her time mean while i was in the back with a funny face like, OK? you weirdo. Some how it was bound to happen and i caught the flu The Blogging Flu That IS!!!! So i decided to create a blog of my own that has to do with my hobbies which are Music, Sports, Sneakers and Technology ( Computers, Cell Phones, Etc.)basically all the "Cool Stuff" or "Popular" things at the moment in society. A lil more about myself I am from NYC, Way Upper Manhattan, Washington Heights aka Little Dominican Republic. I am a very cool chill individual, laid back and likes to have a lot of fun. As you can see i tend to be a cornball at times. I would say i am a very unique individual. Very diverse, i like spanish music ( Bachata, Merengue, Salsa ) as well as Rap, R&B, Rock, Techno, Reggae and Reggaeton. Favorite Sport is baseball, YANKEES!! till the day i die. Ummm i work for Apple INC. , shout out to The Westchester store.... IDK what else to write about now but just stayed tuned and enjoy my blog and witness my ghetto side, my spanish side, my nerdy side come together in one place lol. Make sure to subscribe and join my blog and support me show me some love peoples!!! it would be greatly appreciated, if you got any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact me